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Wicked Baggins [userpic]

My dog's emotional spectrum, based on keywords/actions (latter in parenths)

June 10th, 2011 (05:23 pm)

Frisbee :D
Get dressed/(put on shorts and sneakers and a hat) :D
Go :D
Play :D
Shoes/(put on shoes) :D
Treat :D
Tuna/(occasionally? open a can) :D
Walk :D
(walk quickly past with frayed pant legs) :D
Ball :)
Good boy :)
Ice cube/(open freezer and rummage in it) :)
Outside/(open a door, any door) :)
Toy :)
(Use a lawnmower) :)
Bring it/I can't reach that :|
Close :| (our word for heel)
Come :|
Eat your food :|
Go home :|
Inside :|
Office :| (dog is not very good at quiet, but with a word will run into the office to bark there. Permits being shut in. Really likes barking.)
Sit :|
Stay :|
Shake :|
Touch :|
Bad dog :(
Down :(
Go to bed :(
Gross/no more :( (refers to no more playing with slobber ball)
Kennel :(
Lie down :(
No :(
(be large and/or unexpectedly present) D:
(be a baby) >(
Roll over >(
(ride a motor scooter) >>(


Posted by: Pike (pikestaff)
Posted at: June 11th, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)

Bahahaha love this post.

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